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Celebrate with FIVE Special Edition ‘Sparkler’ Skaarf skins!

Celebrate with FIVE Special Edition ‘Sparkler’ Skaarf skins!

  • Vainglory
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  • Jan 22, 2017


This Lunar New Year, Vainglory celebrates with FIVE vibrant ‘Sparkler’ Skaarf skins. Choose between Red, Blue, Green and Purple, or purchase the special Sparkler Skaarf bundle in the Market to get a bonus Gold Sparkler skin included!




  • FIVE different body colors: Red, Blue, Green, Purple and GOLD!
  • Swirly-curly dragon dance designs
  • Awesome new dragon horns


  • Bright sparking basic attacks
  • Firework-shooting Spitfire with explosion pop on impact
  • Firecrackers pile in highly combustible Goop.
  • Lighting the Goop on fire ignites the fireworks!
  • Breathes in sparking Dragon Breath, exhales huge colorful flame with trailing smoke and streaming spirals


The special Gold Sparkler Skaarf can only be acquired through the five-skin bundle or from a very lucky open of a Mystery Chest. In future updates, Sparkler Skaarf skins will be introduced to the Opals Market, but expect an extremely high Opals cost on the Gold Sparkler skin.

The ‘Sparkler’ Skaarf skins will become available on Jan. 22 at noon PST in the Market and the Epic Mystery Chest.

  • Buy ONE Red, Blue, Green or Purple color for 3599 ICE each
  • Get a TWO-color bundle for 4599 ICE
  • ALL-COLOR BUNDLE EXCLUSIVE: Get the RED, BLUE, GREEN and PURPLE skins for 4999 ICE and get the GOLD skin as a special bonus!

The only way to get the ‘Gold Sparkler’ Skaarf skin is in the ALL-COLOR BUNDLE or the Mystery Chests!


The First Red Lantern Festival

On the first day of the new year, five big eggs under the sea hatched: crik-crak! and five baby dragon brothers wiggled out into the water: one purple, one red, one green, one blue and one gold. They tried to talk to one another, but only steamy bubbles came out, so they left the sea and climbed out onto land, shaking water off their pretty wings.

Mgggrrrtthh!” proclaimed the purple dragon, which in baby language means, “I’m hungry!”

“I’m more hungrier than you!” announced the red dragon.

“I smell something yummy,” sniffed the green dragon.

“It’s coming from the village,” said the gold dragon, and together they flew toward the delicious smell. All of the people they met on the road were kind enough to run out of the way, but the screaming hurt the dragons’ baby ears.

The brothers stopped in front of a house. “I smell dumplings,” groaned the blue dragon.

The dragons wiggled and shoved, but the door wouldn’t budge. With luck, the gold dragon discovered that coughing fire onto the door made it disappear. The people inside screamed and ran. The red dragon called after them, “Stay, please, and eat with us!” but all the people heard was, “Aaagghhkk!” and also their home was burning so they fled.

“They must not want their dumplings,” explained the gold dragon, and the baby brothers made short work of all the dumplings.

One house’s dumplings weren’t enough to satisfy five hungry baby dragons. They followed the smell of dumplings to the next house, but they were met at the door by a little boy and a little girl with their hands full of fireworks.

“Let us in,” said the green dragon.

“We want dumplings,” said the red dragon.

“NO!” said the boy, for children are able to understand baby dragon language.

“But we’re hungry,” whined the purple dragon.

“Dumplings are NOT for dragons,” said the girl.

“Let’s burn down these children and their door before the dumplings get cold,” said the blue dragon.

But then the air burst into colorful light-bursts that sounded like POW! POW-POW-POW-POW! and the frightened dragons bumped into one another with confusion.

“What was that?” gasped the red dragon.

The purple dragon started to cry.

“Don’t worry. It’s only fireworks,” said the boy, and he hugged the purple dragon until the weeping calmed into hot little hiccups.

The girl showed them the sparklers in her hands. “When you light them on fire, they make pretty explosions.”

“I would be very good at fireworks,” said the blue dragon.

“I want to try,” hiccupped the purple dragon.

“We’ll share our fireworks, but only if you will be our friends,” said the boy.

“And friends do not burn down doors and eat all the dumplings,” explained the girl with a stern voice.

“We promise not to burn down any more doors,” promised the gold dragon. So the boy and the girl placed a sparkler in each dragon’s little claw, and with careful fiery burps, the dragons lit their sparklers and watched the pretty lights with joy.

That night, the town threw a party to celebrate their new friendship with the dragon brothers. The people made a huge batch of dumplings to share, and the dragons flew high to hang pretty red lanterns, and that night they feasted and danced and watched as the dragons created a spectacular fireworks show high in the sky.

Every year, it is said, the dragons return to this town to celebrate the Red Lantern Festival with their friends.

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