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Grace Abilities & Splash Art Reveal

Grace Abilities & Splash Art Reveal

  • Vainglory
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  • Jun 14, 2017

Grace leads her team into battle by charging forward with her giant mace. Utilizing the power of the Light, she protects her allies by granting them holy shields that greatly reduce incoming damage. When the fight seems bleak, she can turn the tides of battle by calling upon the Seraphim to dish out massive single-target heals.

Read on for Grace’s abilities…





Grace chains her normal basic attack into a ground slam, dealing bonus weapon damage and slowing enemies in a wide area. If enemies are hit by the ground slam, her ability cooldowns are reduced.


Grace dashes to her target, striking them with an empowered Retribution attack. Nearby allies instantly gain a directional holy shield that continually faces the target, while Grace gains a full holy shield that protects her from all sides. The holy shield reduces incoming damage that strikes the shield.

Upon learning this ability, Grace permanently reduces all damage she receives. This effect and the holy shield scale with crystal power.

On Overdrive, this skill is refreshed upon casting Divine Intervention.


After a short delay, Grace knocks enemies into the air and disables them for a short time. If the attack hits at least one enemy, Grace immediately recovers from the ability.

On Overdrive, Grace gains immunity to negative effects when casting this ability.


Grace instantly surrounds herself and her target with a full holy shield and begins channeling after which Grace’s target receives a massive heal.



It is a good idea to buy some crystal power on Grace, even when played as a Captain, because it strengthens the power of her holy shields as well as her passive damage reduction.

Whenever possible, use Retribution not only for the additional damage and slow but also for the cooldown reduction on her abilities. This works while attacking any enemy, not just heroes, so it’s beneficial to attack jungle monsters and lane minions when you need to use your important abilities.

Benediction is a great skill to initiate fights but is also a very powerful defensive ability: Use it on the most threatening enemy hero to greatly reduce the amount of damage that your team takes.

Holy Nova has a delay, making it easy for enemies to evade. Make sure to position yourself as close to the enemy as possible before casting it.

While Divine Intervention reduces damage on allies when cast, the heal does not come until after a short channel. Be wary when casting her Ultimate on critically low allies because they may die before the heal occurs.

Keep an eye on the News section for more Grace info and guides. Enemies of the Light should be fearful of her mace in Update 2.6!