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‘Star Queen Celeste’ Tier II Skin Reveal

‘Star Queen Celeste’ Tier II Skin Reveal

  • Vainglory
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  • Feb 24, 2016


Star Queen Celeste embodies the power of a galaxy.


Get ready to show off Celeste’s latest skin, coming in Update 1.15.


The royal party traveled up the winding streets of Mont Lille, torches lighting their way. The going was slow; the crowds pressed into their new monarch, reaching to touch her hair and gown, chanting No more fear! and Liberté, égalité! At the summit of Mont Lille, past grottos and fountains and manicured topiary, they climbed a marble staircase to find the gem-encrusted gate of the Storm Queen’s palace wide open. There, Celeste bade her people to return home and remain vigilant, and the gate closed behind her.

Inside the heavy palace doors all was still; the rumors of révolution had spread through the mountain and those who supported the Storm Queen had made a swift exit along with all they could carry. Celeste, Vox, the Gythians and a ragtag assortment of pirates spilled into the Mirrored Court and stared.

“This was nothing more than a hunting lodge when I was here as a young man,” whispered Elizar the War Mage, turning in place to gape at the carved gilded windows, the black and white marble tile, the chandeliers blazing with hundreds of candles. Paintings portraying violent depictions of the Storm Queen’s triumphant battles spread over the ceiling. Bronze sculptures of faceless Stormguard posed throughout with their weapons. The mirrored walls jutted out at odd angles to give the disconcerting effect of hundreds of fractured reflections, giving the court its famous name.

“This is freaking me out,” said Vox, flinching as his echoed image leaped out and retreated in his periphery.

“It is meant to,” said Celeste, her staff clicking on the marble as she walked through the court. “She is the only one who does not see herself in her court.”

“Dignitaries, knights and nobles staring back at their own guilty eyes while the Storm Queen sits, pure in her blindness, upon the throne,” said Elizar.

Celeste stopped before the monolithic throne, carved from black stone, feeling all at once quite young. Its simplicity was stark in the ornate room; the only decoration on it was a high perch for the Queen’s ravens. “I don’t want to sit on that,” she said.

“Another shall be commissioned for you,” said Elizar, “but sit on one you shall.”

In contrast to the sobriety of the royal twins and the Gythians, Vox’s entourage amused themselves at the mirrors. Loo, the sprite, admired herself by all angles, brushing her hair with her fingers. The pirates pulled at their eyes and lips and giggled at the results. Behind the throne, one goblin argued with his reflection, thinking it a rival, and poked at his enemy’s eyes, activating a hidden switch in the wall that opened a cabinet. Vox investigated, yanking back the goblin by the fluff in its ear.

“Hey, Sis,” he called in his sing-song tone, “you should come look at this.”

Celeste joined him and her eyes grew wide, for displayed in the cabinet was a mage queen’s regalia: a star-shaped breastplate and gauntlets, a crown, and a staff capped with a crescent moon that bore the inscription: “Préserver la Paix.” Celeste ached from the magic pulling at her from the staff.

“Not the Storm Queen’s style, this,” muttered Elizar.

“No,” said Celeste, her fingers caressing the staff’s sharp tip. “This was made for me.”

Vox grabbed a gauntlet and inspected it. “She knew you were coming?”

“She couldn’t have known. We were cautious,” said the Gythian.

“She knew I would succeed her,” said Celeste.

“Under her tutelage,” said Elizar in a dry tone.

“Instead I am under yours,” replied Celeste with equal dryness. She took the staff in her fist and the crescent glowed, illuminating the old War Mage’s frown. “Let’s continue on. But I think …” Her eyes rose to the ceiling paintings. “… I think I shall have a skylight installed.”



This new Celeste skin is equal parts royalty and equal parts sci-fi. The look and feel of her clothing is like futuristic liquid gold, reflecting light as if she was a Celeste-sized, golden chrome trophy. Her regal fashion connects seamlessly into her high-tech shoulders and headdress.

Her facial attitude reflects her progression in her story; she knows who she is. She is holding a gaze with calm confidence that shows her importance, her heightened position. While maintaining her beauty, she shows that she is ready for war.

Her staff received an elaborate upgrade, which nows has a more prominent crescent shape, housing a swirling galaxy. She holds the power of that universe, and this astral staff portrays how her power is expanding.