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Tony’s Rise: Buy Scout Cam Boost

Tony’s Rise: Buy Scout Cam Boost

  • Vainglory
  • |
  • Feb 24, 2018

“Wait – how can you have state-of-the-art Buffed, Boosted and Multi Cams for sale already?”

“These are ScoutPaks, ScoutTuffs and the SuperScout 2000,” squeaks the bug. “Trademarked.”

“My cousin developed these. They’re definitely the Buffed, Boosted and Multi models,” you argue.

“Your cousin should bone up on his patent law,” said the bug. “Churnguard Industries got the tech, they did the paperwork and now they’re raking in the cash.”

“That shouldn’t be allowed to happen!”

“Absolutely not.”

“I won’t allow it to stand! Justice will have 20/20 vision!”

“So, one SuperScout 2000?”

“Yes, please,” you mumble, handing over the gold.

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