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Tony’s Rise: Tony Time!

Tony’s Rise: Tony Time!

  • Vainglory
  • |
  • Feb 24, 2018


Your dreams of endless wealth have disappeared, but you stare at your punchers with newfound respect. All those years of being picked on. Being laughed at for not being as smart as the engineers. All that TOP SECRET tape. Now it’s Tony Time. You go marching down the lane, punching flowers and butterflies, even giving an ominous statue of a raven holding a sword a good whack. “Hey! Come at me!” you cry out…

…and something whaps you in the back of the head.

“Who wants some?” You swivel, but the only thing there is a gnarled old tree.

You bash your overpowered knuckles together. “Someone’s gonna get 1-V-1’ed,” you mutter, but then you get hit in the head again.

You spin with your arm out, dealing a sweet spinning backfist to the tree.

The tree yelps and smacks you back.

You have no time to register that the tree is hitting you on purpose, because another of its branches is whizzing toward you. You duck and uppercut the tree in its trunk, then again. Roots rise up from the ground and wrap around your legs but you punch and swing until the tree collapses into splinters and the roots fall away.

A red orb falls from the tree onto your head. You glow red. Your biceps swell inside the punchers. Filled with strength, you run off to punch every tree you can find.


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